Our Story

YUM is all about throwing expectations out the window. Owner, Michael, has loved ice cream and sweets his entire life. Some of his best childhood memories are biking to the local candy store to methodically assess the candy selection, followed by standing in front of an ice cream cabinet drooling over the different flavours. This obsession for all things sweet and yummy was the catalyst in creating YUM.

Whether creating his own soft-serve or partnering with other local talent, Michael has curated everything you will find at YUM. 200 candies from around the globe, hard ice cream, soft-serve, ice cream bars, and delicious coffee. It is a cornucopia of yumminess that your sweet tooth will thank you for visiting. YUM is about family, friends, and sharing yummy treats.

Soft Serve

YUM may just have the best soft serve ice cream you have ever had! Our recipe is simple- natural ingredients, real vanilla bean, cocoa powder and heavy cream! Rich, creamy and very yummy! Inspired from childhood summers at the lake, this soft serve will transport you back in time to hot summer days, staying out past dark playing with your friends, and ending your day with a yummy treat!

Scooped Ice Cream

Our scoop ice cream is quite simply delicious! Working with local ice cream artisans and traditional creameries we have curated the best of the best. Using time-honoured traditions, our ice cream is made with simple and pure ingredients. YUM is thrilled to offer 16 yummy flavours which rotate constantly. Come visit us to see what we have for you today.


Yes, you will feel like a kid in a candy store at Yum Sweet Shop! The shelves are filled with gummies, sours, chocolates, caramels, licorice and so much more. Our sweets come from around the globe and are carefully selected to create a candy lover’s paradise.

Come see us in person to view our full menu!